I renally like you.

Happy Tuesday!

Here is another instalment of anatomy art as commissioned by my fabulous friend with a fringe, Phwite.



Watercolour and thin sharpie on embossed card. I used paintbrushes on purpose and finger-painted by accident.

Renal physiology lectures are more enjoyable than other lectures due to the fact that the more you talk about making urine, the more you think about making urine, the more urine you have in your bladder, the more you need to get rid of that urine. A typical timeline for the lecture is this, 15 minutes in, I glance around the room, most girls are starting to act a little “shifty”, some boys tend to touch their inguinal area subtly (although this is perhaps normal.) By 20 minutes in, concentration levels are lower than usual. By 29 minutes, the first lonely student, more than likely of the female kind, breaks the infamous “pee seal” for the rest of the class by quickly sneaking out the front doors to the bathroom. From then on is a cascade of open floodgates, one by one students leave their seats to relieve themselves, often than not more than once in the last half hour of the lecture. This rises exponentially and, I guarantee you, every student will have used the bathroom before the class is over- a clear celebration of urination.

I’ll leave you with this thought- who would you donate one of your kidneys to?

Becky x

PS. Google what a cow’s kidney looks like. I dare you.