Feel the lub-dub


Homo sapien, watercolour on canvas.

Here is another instalment of anatomy art, the human anatomist special! I painted this as a gift to an incredulous friend rather than a study tool for myself (as I study all other species except people, gosh!) However, if you are about to sit your human anatomy and movement exam tomorrow, you’re welcome 😉

And remember CO=HRxSV, MHL+BB=^HR+^FOC


And here’s me with one of my other favourites with a large cardiac output, Mim 🙂

Becky x


To the beat of my paintbrush

What is a coronary vessel? Why is Caudal Vena Cava? When does the heart have a right tentacle? 

I could make like the boring kids who cram over a textbook, gaining wrinkles, headaches and grumpiness. OR I could bring my pain set to university.



Materials- Sharpie, watercolour, embossed card

I was able to make the ripples in the “blood” by first painting the board where I wanted the paint to run in water then dripping dense blobs of watercolour from unpremeditated heights.

If anyone else has smashed their desire to not study by creating something I would love to see 🙂

Becky x