Becky makes her bed

Everyone, my bed is made of cardboard.

When I moved into my tiny apartment above the vet clinic I bought my current bed off the girl who was previously living here, it was a massive chunky timber queen bed, of which was way too overly sized for my teeny room. It seriously created an obstacle course that often resulted in bruised shins/chins/eyes in my ‘ten minute get ready for life’ dance every morning.

I’d been eyeing off a bed for a serious while now. Karton are a european group that take the fun of buying a computer but only playing with the cardboard box to a “whole nuther level”. So when I noticed that the set I wanted was on sale I had to buy it! Two sleeps later and I had lots of cardboard on my doorstep.


At first Raj and I were sooooooo lost, where did the box end and the bed start???


But then it all made sense. No tools needed, and it can become any size (single queen king in-between) you like!




It’s what you call “well exhausted”.


The finished product! Plus our cat Morphy 🙂 A big big thank you to Raj for helping me dismantle the old bed and to my lovely housemate Stella for taking the snaps 🙂

Just a side note that it has been the best weather in Sydney the last few days. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Saturday – galaxy themed “bush doof”, Sunday – went on a boat, saw whales and dolphins and jumped off a 2 storey boat into the harbour (it’s nearly winter) *side note will make a separate blog post, just need to figure out how to edit videos haha*, Monday – was really sunny and nice!, Tuesday – played frisbee and caught up with Raj, Wednesday – joined the gym, made delicious dumpling with Beth who brought the most amazing creme brûlée you have ever tasted. Ever. I win. And noooooowwwww I am cuddling up to Morphy, procrasti-blogging in my spanky new cardboard bed and tryyyying not to think about anything university related. Win win win.

Thanks for reading, internet friends!

Becky x