Sunny Sunny Quease-land

The vomit pun has given it away, it’s time for the third episode of my take on the #spewbagchallenge. For those of you who aren’t aware I have an unhealthy obsession with a TV show “Daria”, so much so I can quote all five series plus both movies back to back. This is the tribute:image

My favourite part about the frisbee community is making so many friends from interstate (actually it’s eating snacks after training… anyway). Last weekend I travelled to Queensland to play a frisbee tournament, “Halibut”, with some friends who I had never played with. I was so excited to escape the drowned rat of Sydney, polaroid camera in hand (thanks Maddy and Raj I love you), and head up a day early and spend Friday at Palm beach with Rob! 

Alas, it stormed.

Not to have dampen spirits, we headed to a two hour long yoga class. I fell out of almost every pose. Oops. For the most part I just lay back and meditated (slept) and listened to the calm music and the soothing voice of the instructor. Bliss! That evening it hadn’t cleared up sooo I attempted a neat craft project, hello painting daisies on my black sandals!


Ignore the smelly feet hehe

Ignore the smelly feet hehe


Our team was called “Big Top” – we were opting for a circus theme- I recreated the daisies on my brain ft. Matty Hall



So after a gruelling day of mud, sweat and frisbee, myself, Rob (Beast) and Matty were walking through the streets of Brisvagas Saturday evening when we stumbled across a crowd. A crowd watching a FREE concert of the PREATURES! I like free things and I like music and I like free music! 

Is this how you feel?!

Is this how you feel?!

All of a sudden I was on shoulders, dancing away in the front row and looking Izzy (the lead singer) in the eye, chanting along to “Is This How You Feel” aside many a new Brisbane friends! Defiantly up there on the ways to have the most fun with the least amount of money memories!

And then we partied some more:





Sunday was the day the Queensland sun decided to pay a visit and warm our hearts as we filled the day with more ultimate. I cannot express how much fun I had playing over the two days with some extremely talented athletes who I can now call my friends. I get goosebumps reimaging every single person on my team doing something absolutely astounding on the field. To put the icing on the cake WE WON THE TOURNAMENT! EEEEEEk! Which means that the ringmaster (see above) can keep his 5 year win fish trophy on his mantle piece for another 365 days.

Thanks for sharing my delights, internet friends!

Becky x