Thankyou, from the bottom of my gut


Bovine stomach, left and right sides showing rumen, omasum, abomasum and reticulum. Watercolour and permanent marker on card. Becky Burns 2014.


I am always inspired by people who are passionate about what they do. One person who is exceptionally passionate about what they do is my nutrition lecturer, Prof. David Fraser. He sounds like David Attenborough and looks like him as well. Word on the street is that he used to be the Dean of Veterinary Sciences, however when the staff cuts came about the university was going to let him go. However, he replied, “no, I love what I do, I’ll lecture for free.” FOR FREE. What. Most people use volunteering as a stepping stone to greater things, for example I volunteered at veterinary practices to get my experience up to an employable measure. Prof. David Fraser has come out of an extremely successful scientific and leadership career to lecture second year students, most of who talk or go on instagram during his lectures, just to give back to the future of veterinary science in Australia. What a dude. So this watercolour is a thankyou to him for passing on his knowledge and love of science 🙂


I’m currently visiting home in the Blue Mountains, fighting off another dip of glandge (go away glandge, you ssssssuuuuuuccccck) and trying to cram for the fast approaching finals. EEP!

Talk soon internet friends,
Becky x

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