The best things

Here’s a list of things I want to fill my life with.

1 Sun dappled roads

2 Rainy mornings

3 Riding at full gallop- hair flying – in control


4 Plucking a flying disc from unreachable mid air heights

5 Becky’s dumpling soup


6 Exploring


7 Understanding

8 Dancing – anywhere, anytime with anyone

9 Sleepovers! No lonely dreaming!

10 Singing loudly, preferably in harmony, in odd places. For instance at work, in a stair well, under a bridge

11 Skinny dipping 😉

12 Finishing a triathalon

13 Craft projects

14 Bumping into someone in an environment where you wouldn’t expect to see them

15 Jump rocks

16 Hand written notes (all those chums who are exceptional at this, I love you. You know who you are.)


17 Backflips

18 Waking up having had the correct amount of sleep

19 Stars

20 Sunflowers


21 Brain sex -> let me explain! A term founded by one of my greatest friends. Brain sex refers to the intimacy of the soul. I will always count it a privilege of having someone open up their innermost private thoughts and emotions, mirrored with the peace of finding someone who you can trust your unedited self with.

To be continued…

Becky x