Late night sharpie sesh


Yes, in a few very short weeks I will be moving out of home closer to uni with my fab friend Stella. EEP! Here are some celebratory insight “draw my life” comic strip episodes that I am certain will become part of our day to day lives.


It is inevitable that I will become Stella and Adrian’s official third wheel. Due to my obtuse inability to discern romantic moments, I will crash ALL of their private dinner dates. You’re welcome.


With our student budget in mind, Stella and I are keen to hit up the bulk shopping. Alas, I have an inkling that we might get a little bit too excited and perhaps bring home a pet cow, or buy so much glue that it leaks, accidentally glueing the hospital cat to the floor. Sigh.

More comic strip draw my life adventures featuring Stella and possibly a cat to come!

Becky x