Dancing in my birthday suit


One of my few yet greatest fears is buying people birthday gifts- I always worry that they have it already (DVD), think its a lame gift (a boring book on an unrelated topic of their usual choice), think I’m lame for giving them a lame gift or for the gift to be impersonal (hello default nice smelling candles). Solution! The celebration of a mate or family relative is a fantastic excuse to share some personalised love and save on dollars in some kind of typography/painting art form- win for gift giving and win for Becky’s student budget!

Here’s some birthday art I’ve done over this past year.


I painted this on one of my many looooooong train rides into Sydney from the sunny sunny Blue Mountains. Watercolour on card


My bro’s 18th- I painted some boards with chalk paint in the idea that at the party people could “chalk their love” and write nice things on the board for Stevie to look over 🙂


Also another sign from Steve’s birthday- decorated with mexican inspired bunting


A “Christmas in July” themed birthday



I often forget to snap the cards I make for friends- alas its great to visit and see that they’ve kept a card hanging on their wall from three years ago 🙂

Remember that the one special day that celebrates you is not the only day you should be rocking out in your birthday suit. Go cray.

Becky x