Feel the lub-dub


Homo sapien, watercolour on canvas.

Here is another instalment of anatomy art, the human anatomist special! I painted this as a gift to an incredulous friend rather than a study tool for myself (as I study all other species except people, gosh!) However, if you are about to sit your human anatomy and movement exam tomorrow, you’re welcome 😉

And remember CO=HRxSV, MHL+BB=^HR+^FOC


And here’s me with one of my other favourites with a large cardiac output, Mim 🙂

Becky x


Tree of Breath

To breath or not to breath? It is a respire-ment to do so or else I’ll trachea you down.Image

Canine bronchial tree

Watercolour on watercolour paper. Makes sense 😉

Some fun lung facts: Together, the lungs contain approximately 2,400 kilometres of airways and 300 to 500 million alveoli, having a total surface area of about 70 square metres — roughly the same area as one side of a tennis court (obviously depending on what breed of dog, think Chihuahua vs Great Dane). Also, if all of the capillaries that surround the alveoli were unwound and laid end to end, they would extend for about 992 kilometres, which is 100 km MORE than the distance between Sydney and Melbourne. 

Becky x