Sunny Sunny Quease-land

The vomit pun has given it away, it’s time for the third episode of my take on the #spewbagchallenge. For those of you who aren’t aware I have an unhealthy obsession with a TV show “Daria”, so much so I can quote all five series plus both movies back to back. This is the tribute:image

My favourite part about the frisbee community is making so many friends from interstate (actually it’s eating snacks after training… anyway). Last weekend I travelled to Queensland to play a frisbee tournament, “Halibut”, with some friends who I had never played with. I was so excited to escape the drowned rat of Sydney, polaroid camera in hand (thanks Maddy and Raj I love you), and head up a day early and spend Friday at Palm beach with Rob! 

Alas, it stormed.

Not to have dampen spirits, we headed to a two hour long yoga class. I fell out of almost every pose. Oops. For the most part I just lay back and meditated (slept) and listened to the calm music and the soothing voice of the instructor. Bliss! That evening it hadn’t cleared up sooo I attempted a neat craft project, hello painting daisies on my black sandals!


Ignore the smelly feet hehe

Ignore the smelly feet hehe


Our team was called “Big Top” – we were opting for a circus theme- I recreated the daisies on my brain ft. Matty Hall



So after a gruelling day of mud, sweat and frisbee, myself, Rob (Beast) and Matty were walking through the streets of Brisvagas Saturday evening when we stumbled across a crowd. A crowd watching a FREE concert of the PREATURES! I like free things and I like music and I like free music! 

Is this how you feel?!

Is this how you feel?!

All of a sudden I was on shoulders, dancing away in the front row and looking Izzy (the lead singer) in the eye, chanting along to “Is This How You Feel” aside many a new Brisbane friends! Defiantly up there on the ways to have the most fun with the least amount of money memories!

And then we partied some more:





Sunday was the day the Queensland sun decided to pay a visit and warm our hearts as we filled the day with more ultimate. I cannot express how much fun I had playing over the two days with some extremely talented athletes who I can now call my friends. I get goosebumps reimaging every single person on my team doing something absolutely astounding on the field. To put the icing on the cake WE WON THE TOURNAMENT! EEEEEEk! Which means that the ringmaster (see above) can keep his 5 year win fish trophy on his mantle piece for another 365 days.

Thanks for sharing my delights, internet friends!

Becky x


Becky makes her bed

Everyone, my bed is made of cardboard.

When I moved into my tiny apartment above the vet clinic I bought my current bed off the girl who was previously living here, it was a massive chunky timber queen bed, of which was way too overly sized for my teeny room. It seriously created an obstacle course that often resulted in bruised shins/chins/eyes in my ‘ten minute get ready for life’ dance every morning.

I’d been eyeing off a bed for a serious while now. Karton are a european group that take the fun of buying a computer but only playing with the cardboard box to a “whole nuther level”. So when I noticed that the set I wanted was on sale I had to buy it! Two sleeps later and I had lots of cardboard on my doorstep.


At first Raj and I were sooooooo lost, where did the box end and the bed start???


But then it all made sense. No tools needed, and it can become any size (single queen king in-between) you like!




It’s what you call “well exhausted”.


The finished product! Plus our cat Morphy 🙂 A big big thank you to Raj for helping me dismantle the old bed and to my lovely housemate Stella for taking the snaps 🙂

Just a side note that it has been the best weather in Sydney the last few days. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Saturday – galaxy themed “bush doof”, Sunday – went on a boat, saw whales and dolphins and jumped off a 2 storey boat into the harbour (it’s nearly winter) *side note will make a separate blog post, just need to figure out how to edit videos haha*, Monday – was really sunny and nice!, Tuesday – played frisbee and caught up with Raj, Wednesday – joined the gym, made delicious dumpling with Beth who brought the most amazing creme brûlée you have ever tasted. Ever. I win. And noooooowwwww I am cuddling up to Morphy, procrasti-blogging in my spanky new cardboard bed and tryyyying not to think about anything university related. Win win win.

Thanks for reading, internet friends!

Becky x

Thankyou, from the bottom of my gut


Bovine stomach, left and right sides showing rumen, omasum, abomasum and reticulum. Watercolour and permanent marker on card. Becky Burns 2014.


I am always inspired by people who are passionate about what they do. One person who is exceptionally passionate about what they do is my nutrition lecturer, Prof. David Fraser. He sounds like David Attenborough and looks like him as well. Word on the street is that he used to be the Dean of Veterinary Sciences, however when the staff cuts came about the university was going to let him go. However, he replied, “no, I love what I do, I’ll lecture for free.” FOR FREE. What. Most people use volunteering as a stepping stone to greater things, for example I volunteered at veterinary practices to get my experience up to an employable measure. Prof. David Fraser has come out of an extremely successful scientific and leadership career to lecture second year students, most of who talk or go on instagram during his lectures, just to give back to the future of veterinary science in Australia. What a dude. So this watercolour is a thankyou to him for passing on his knowledge and love of science 🙂


I’m currently visiting home in the Blue Mountains, fighting off another dip of glandge (go away glandge, you ssssssuuuuuuccccck) and trying to cram for the fast approaching finals. EEP!

Talk soon internet friends,
Becky x


reversed peristaltic action of the intestines, by which their contents are carried upward”


Whilst living in Vetland and cramming canine cranial nerves at any spare moment, opportunities to let a sharpie loose on scrap paper is but rare. Last week I was lucky enough to fly to Queensland for the weekend, here are the results 🙂




To explain the above, in the rad old game of ultimate frizzle, a “D” refers to a defensive move, usually someone throwing themselves in the path of a flying object to stop it reaching the offensive team.

Becky x


The best things

Here’s a list of things I want to fill my life with.

1 Sun dappled roads

2 Rainy mornings

3 Riding at full gallop- hair flying – in control


4 Plucking a flying disc from unreachable mid air heights

5 Becky’s dumpling soup


6 Exploring


7 Understanding

8 Dancing – anywhere, anytime with anyone

9 Sleepovers! No lonely dreaming!

10 Singing loudly, preferably in harmony, in odd places. For instance at work, in a stair well, under a bridge

11 Skinny dipping 😉

12 Finishing a triathalon

13 Craft projects

14 Bumping into someone in an environment where you wouldn’t expect to see them

15 Jump rocks

16 Hand written notes (all those chums who are exceptional at this, I love you. You know who you are.)


17 Backflips

18 Waking up having had the correct amount of sleep

19 Stars

20 Sunflowers


21 Brain sex -> let me explain! A term founded by one of my greatest friends. Brain sex refers to the intimacy of the soul. I will always count it a privilege of having someone open up their innermost private thoughts and emotions, mirrored with the peace of finding someone who you can trust your unedited self with.

To be continued…

Becky x

Late night sharpie sesh


Yes, in a few very short weeks I will be moving out of home closer to uni with my fab friend Stella. EEP! Here are some celebratory insight “draw my life” comic strip episodes that I am certain will become part of our day to day lives.


It is inevitable that I will become Stella and Adrian’s official third wheel. Due to my obtuse inability to discern romantic moments, I will crash ALL of their private dinner dates. You’re welcome.


With our student budget in mind, Stella and I are keen to hit up the bulk shopping. Alas, I have an inkling that we might get a little bit too excited and perhaps bring home a pet cow, or buy so much glue that it leaks, accidentally glueing the hospital cat to the floor. Sigh.

More comic strip draw my life adventures featuring Stella and possibly a cat to come!

Becky x



Dancing in my birthday suit


One of my few yet greatest fears is buying people birthday gifts- I always worry that they have it already (DVD), think its a lame gift (a boring book on an unrelated topic of their usual choice), think I’m lame for giving them a lame gift or for the gift to be impersonal (hello default nice smelling candles). Solution! The celebration of a mate or family relative is a fantastic excuse to share some personalised love and save on dollars in some kind of typography/painting art form- win for gift giving and win for Becky’s student budget!

Here’s some birthday art I’ve done over this past year.


I painted this on one of my many looooooong train rides into Sydney from the sunny sunny Blue Mountains. Watercolour on card


My bro’s 18th- I painted some boards with chalk paint in the idea that at the party people could “chalk their love” and write nice things on the board for Stevie to look over 🙂


Also another sign from Steve’s birthday- decorated with mexican inspired bunting


A “Christmas in July” themed birthday



I often forget to snap the cards I make for friends- alas its great to visit and see that they’ve kept a card hanging on their wall from three years ago 🙂

Remember that the one special day that celebrates you is not the only day you should be rocking out in your birthday suit. Go cray.

Becky x

Feel the lub-dub


Homo sapien, watercolour on canvas.

Here is another instalment of anatomy art, the human anatomist special! I painted this as a gift to an incredulous friend rather than a study tool for myself (as I study all other species except people, gosh!) However, if you are about to sit your human anatomy and movement exam tomorrow, you’re welcome 😉

And remember CO=HRxSV, MHL+BB=^HR+^FOC


And here’s me with one of my other favourites with a large cardiac output, Mim 🙂

Becky x

Tree of Breath

To breath or not to breath? It is a respire-ment to do so or else I’ll trachea you down.Image

Canine bronchial tree

Watercolour on watercolour paper. Makes sense 😉

Some fun lung facts: Together, the lungs contain approximately 2,400 kilometres of airways and 300 to 500 million alveoli, having a total surface area of about 70 square metres — roughly the same area as one side of a tennis court (obviously depending on what breed of dog, think Chihuahua vs Great Dane). Also, if all of the capillaries that surround the alveoli were unwound and laid end to end, they would extend for about 992 kilometres, which is 100 km MORE than the distance between Sydney and Melbourne. 

Becky x


I renally like you.

Happy Tuesday!

Here is another instalment of anatomy art as commissioned by my fabulous friend with a fringe, Phwite.



Watercolour and thin sharpie on embossed card. I used paintbrushes on purpose and finger-painted by accident.

Renal physiology lectures are more enjoyable than other lectures due to the fact that the more you talk about making urine, the more you think about making urine, the more urine you have in your bladder, the more you need to get rid of that urine. A typical timeline for the lecture is this, 15 minutes in, I glance around the room, most girls are starting to act a little “shifty”, some boys tend to touch their inguinal area subtly (although this is perhaps normal.) By 20 minutes in, concentration levels are lower than usual. By 29 minutes, the first lonely student, more than likely of the female kind, breaks the infamous “pee seal” for the rest of the class by quickly sneaking out the front doors to the bathroom. From then on is a cascade of open floodgates, one by one students leave their seats to relieve themselves, often than not more than once in the last half hour of the lecture. This rises exponentially and, I guarantee you, every student will have used the bathroom before the class is over- a clear celebration of urination.

I’ll leave you with this thought- who would you donate one of your kidneys to?

Becky x

PS. Google what a cow’s kidney looks like. I dare you.